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IP & Life Science

Our experienced IP experts advise on how to optimise registration and maintenance of patents, utility models, trademarks and designs.

Practice Areas

“Accura Advokatpartnerselskab is particularly strong in contentious matters with a notable track record in patent and trade mark disputes”

Intellectual Property - Legal 500, 2019

“Highly skilled and very good at creating good personal relations”

Intellectual Property - Chambers & Partners, 2019

“The lawyers are very good at handling client expectations, they have in-depth knowledge, and they are mindful of what is reasonable both fiscally and legally”

Intellectual Property - Chambers & Partners, 2019

“Extremely strong firm - the team of talented practitioners can handle all manner of branding matters and showcase their abilities in both worldwide strategy enforcement and in the anti-counterfeiting arena”

World Trademark Review 2019

“Accura Advokatpartnerselskab fields a dedicated IP practice with excellent knowledge and experience.”

Intellectual Property

“They have a very solution-oriented approach. They are very commercial and have a lot of empathy for our business which makes them great to consult with.”

Chambers 2018

“They are good at estimating potential risks, acting strategically and thinking a couple of steps ahead”

Chambers 2018

“Highly professional practice”

Intellectual Property - Legal 500, 2017

“They are friendly, efficient and quick. They are truly on our team; they demonstrated interest in what is important to us and a true engagement.”

Chambers & Partners, 2017

“Accura is client friendly, helpful and practical, and is basically all you could want from an external law firm. It compares favourably to others in terms of accuracy, quality of work and cost.”

IAM Patent 1000, 2016

“‘Insightful’ IP practice”

Intellectual property - Legal 500, 2016

“The firm was good in court and the case was managed efficiently. Very responsive.”

Intellectual Property - Chambers & Partners, 2015

“Clients ‘love the speed and standard of advice’ on patent, design and trade mark licensing and other contractual matters.”

Intellectual property - Legal 500, 2014

“Very, very proactive. The lawyers anticipate issues.”

Intellectual Property - Chambers, 2014

“Full-service outfit Accura continues to cement its reputation for contentious and transactional assignments with a “thorough and agile” team representing both domestic and international corporations ”

IAM Patent 2013

“Accura is making major strides on the market, thanks in part to its valuable pharmaceutical clientele”

Intellectual Property - IAM Patent 1000, 2012

“This firm is moving up and has a very strong client base”

Intellectual Property - Chambers Europe, 2012

“Clients are impressed with the lawyers' responsiveness, high-quality advice and commercial approach”

Intellectual Property - Chambers Europe, 2011

Accura advises on how to protect, enforce and commercially exploit intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, trademarks, designs and copyrights.

Our IPR experts include attorneys, European Trademark and Design Attorneys and paralegals.

Our services include dispute resolution and litigation. Further, we assist in connection with the strategic and practical handling of enforcement and maintenance of existing rights and provide the strategically important contract basis of IP portfolios and products enjoying IPR protection.

Our advisory services on IP & Life Science

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Accura has vast experience of IPR disputes and assists clients with everything from the initial legal assessment and suggested remedy to possible settlement negotiations with the other party and – if deemed necessary – subsequent legal proceedings.

We have dealt with a variety of IPR disputes, including disputes concerning:

  • Validity and infringement of registered trademarks, designs and patents
  • Oppositions against third party rights
  • Product imitation cases with reference to the Danish Marketing Act (Markedsføringsloven)
  • Online infringements, including removal of copyright protected content and unlawful linking from various websites
  • Preliminary injunctions and search orders

Legal guide quotes:

  • "This team's lawyers are pragmatic and to the point; they know our business and are fully qualified to deal with the assignments we give to them. Its lawyers assess the risks of the case before giving you a solution. They also make good predictions on the possible outcomes." (Intellectual Property - Chambers Europe, 2016)
  • Commentators respect the IP practice at Copenhagen-based law firm Accura. The firm is particularly known for its contentious IP practice. (Managing Intellectual Property Magazine, 2016)
  • "The firm was good in court and the case was managed efficiently. Very responsive". (Intellectual Property – Chambers & Partners, 2015).
  • "The star of forward-thinking law firm Accura remains on the ascendant – not least due to the headline-grabbing victory it secured in the Supreme Court last year on behalf of Merck". (IAM Patent 1000, 2015)

Recent cases:

Recent patent disputes:

  • Mirxx v Santaris (mRNA)
  • H. Lundbeck v. Sandoz (escitalopram)
  • Zealand Pharma v. Udvalget til Beskyttelse af Videnskabeligt Arbejde (Danish Committee for Protection of Scientific Works)
  • MSD v. Orifarm (Singulair – paediatric extension)
  • Oticon v. GN Store Nord (high frequency hearing aids)
  • Merck (COX 2 inhibitors)
  • Merck (Cozaar – rules on medicine substitution)
  • Ammeraal Beltech Modular v. Habasit (conveyer belt)
  • Gypsum Recycling Holding v. Ballerman (plaster recycling system)

Recent trademark disputes:

  • The Friis Group v. Louis Vuitton
  • Vålerenga Invest Fotball v. Primetime Nordic
  • Go Dream v. GoGift.com

Recent copyright disputes:

  • Clear Channel v. AFA JCDecaux (bus shelters)
  • Fitness World v. Borg & Bigum (sports bag)
  • Medicine Today International v. Almen Praksis Media (magazine)
  • HTS Besafe, Norway v. BabyDan (bag)
  • Marianne Dulong v. Izabel Camilla (earring)
  • NGI A/S v. NHK Group (machine part)
  • Decadent Copenhagen v. PH Sko (Erbs Denmark) (bag)

Recent marketing disputes:

  • VINENGROS (comparison of prices in advertising)
  • Oticon (comparative advertising)
  • Specsavers (comparative advertising)


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IP Prosecution

Our experienced IPR experts include lawyers, European Trademark and Design Attorneys and paralegals. We all have the legal expertise as well as the practical experience necessary to cater to our clients’ needs within all aspects of legal counseling related to IP issues and transactions.

We advise on how to build-up and optimise registration and maintenance of IP portfolios covering trademarks and designs, patents and utility models. Our focus is based on our M&A foundation and experience in IP due diligence.

We also advise on the protection and commercial use of copyrights, especially the synergy between copyrights, unfair competition issues and the traditional registrable IP rights, especially in relation to product imitations or third party parasitic behaviour in the market.

We assist in connection with the strategic and practical handling of all types of enforcement and maintenance of existing rights and market position. We have extensive experience with the drafting and negotiation of contracts, and settlement agreements and are skilled in providing the strategically important contract basis of IPR portfolios and products enjoying IPR or know-how protection.

Typical cases include: strategic advice on the need for protection, filing of applications and handling of rights all over the world, filing of oppositions with national authorities, drafting and negotiation of IPR-based contracts, in particular research and development contracts, franchise agreements, distribution agreements, license agreements and strategic cooperation agreements concerning rights-based products.

Furthermore, our services include dispute resolution and litigation, typically concerning the infringement of trademarks, designs, product imitations, patents, marketing rights and Internet issues.

Legal guide quotes:

  • The IP prosecution team is led by Christina Type Jardorf. (Intellectual Property - Legal 500, 2016)
  • "Up and Coming" lawyer (Intellectual Property - Chambers & Partners, 2015)

  • Senior associate Christina Type Jardorf handles trade mark portfolio matters and copyright issues for clients in a wide variety of industries. "She knows what she's doing," say sources. (Intellectual Property - Chambers & Partners, 2014)

  • Christina Type Jardorf is establishing a solid reputation for trade mark work. (Intellectual Property - Chambers & Partners, 2013)

  • The amiable and astute Christina Type Jardorf specialises in trademarks, designs and domain names. [...] Peers describe her as “a very good lawyer, diplomatic and modern”. (World Trademark Review - WTR1000, 2013)

  • The fast, to the point, diligent and likeable Christina Type Jardorf specialises in trade mark and design work. (Intellectual Property - Legal 500, 2010)

  • Christina Type Jardorf is a proactive trouble-shooter and excellent negotiator (Intellectual Property - Legal 500, 2009)

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When negotiating an agreement regarding IPR, a commercial approach is of the utmost importance. What is the aim of the agreement? And how is the relevant IPR fully exploited and still protected appropriately by the company? Accura assists clients in the drafting and negotiation of all types of IPR-based contracts, in particular:

  • Research and development agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Agent agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Licence agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Co-existence agreements

Legal guide quote:

  • "Clients love the speed and standard of advice on patent, design and trade mark licensing and other contractual matter". (Intellectual Property – Legal 500, 2014). 

Recent cases:

  • Haldor Topsøe - negotiation of R&D contract regarding solide oxide fuel cells
  • Dako – co-operation agreement regarding cancer diagnostics
  • MSD – co-operation agreement regarding vaccines
  • MC2 Biotek – license agreement with Moorfields Pharmaceuticals


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Accura is a market leader within M&A, and has advised clients on the largest cross-border transactions in Denmark for many years.

While the focus on law and the fine details remain at the heart of our business, we are accessible, committed and dedicated to providing our clients with clear advice throughout the transaction process in order to create and maximise value.

As the main value of many companies lies in IPR, a comprehensive legal due diligence of these rights is very important. Are the relevant products properly protected? Does the seller in fact own these rights? Are there any pending disputes or possible infringement issues? Which license agreements have been entered into? Several questions need to be asked in this regard.

Accura advises clients on the best and most efficient way of conducting the transaction and ensures that all agreements as well as the planned production and distribution comply with delegated legislation.

Recent cases:

  • Divestment of Dako A/S
  • Divestment of Biometer International A/S
  • Divestment of Unisense Fertilitech A/S
  • Divestment of Bang & Olufsen A/S
  • Merger between Falck Healthcare and Tryghedsgruppen's healthcare activities
  • Acquisition of Sitecore International A/S
  • Acquisition of Avanti Wind Systems
  • Acquisition of shares in Bianco Footwear A/S
  • Acquisition of DONG Energy Oil Terminals

Legal guide quote:

  • "Fullservice outfit Accura continues to cement its reputation for contentious and transactional assignments with a throrough and agile team representing both domestic and international corporations" (IAM PATENT 2013)

Accura's IP and Life Science experts regularly write articles on the newest trends, legislative bills and legislative amendments.

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Morten Bruus
Morten Bruus

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

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Christina Type Jardorf
Christina Type Jardorf

Associate Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

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