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We have an extensive network of experts in this area, and we always prioritise a close cooperation with our clients' technical advisors.

Practice Areas

We have special knowledge of environmental regulation of oil terminals

For a number of years, our specialists have worked with environmental regulation of oil terminals for a number of clients.

Therefore, we have extensive knowledge of the environmental issues of special importance to this type of company and the risks and challenges requiring special attention in connection with this type of activity, including in relation to any listed natural reserves close to the facility, the significant environmental impacts of this type of activity, terms for approval and the required permits under various sets of rules.  

Our advisory services on environment

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Environmental law due diligence

Within the field of environmental law, we conduct legal due diligence investigations for the purpose of identifying and advising on all types of environmental issues. Our work includes an assessment of whether the existing permits are adequate, and an assessment of the environmental issues relevant to the transaction in question. In that connection, we cooperate with our clients' technical advisors, and we have an extensive network of experts in this area. In that way, both legal and technical aspects may be correctly and adequately examined.

If our investigations reveal environmental issues, our advisory services naturally include an assessment of liability issues, including issues relating to succession, as well as the possibility of covering the risks relating to the contemplated purchase of a property or company by the conclusion of contracts.

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Soil contamination

We have vast experience in providing advice on issues relating to soil contamination cases, including liability and succession relating to former entrepreneur's liability in connection with the transfer of a business or real estate.

We advise on the legal effects of listing under the Danish Soil Contamination Act (jordforureningsloven) and assist our clients in the clarification of the basis for a listing, obligations towards the tenants of the premises and the possibility of a cancellation of a listing following a clean-up. If the soil has been classified under the Soil Contamination Act, we also provide advice on the rules for handling the contaminated soil.

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Environmental administrative law

We provide advice to public authorities and private companies on issues concerning approvals and permits under the Danish Environmental Protection Act (miljøbeskyttelsesloven) and any other environmental regulations. We have experience with the entire process from application to approval, EIA screening and any EIA procedures for the preparation of terms for approval, notification of final approval, hearing as well as any other administrative law rules of importance to the processing of applications under the environmental legislation.

We also have experience with providing advice on contamination cases, including issues on enforcement notices and prohibition notices under the environmental legislation.

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Planning law

Our specialists have extensive knowledge of planning issues, including in particular the EIA and SME rules. We work closely with our network of technical advisors in connection with the provision of our advisory services relating to completion of EIA procedures and any other environmental impact processes.

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Nature conservation

Within the area concerning nature conservation, it is necessary, to a wide extent, to take into consideration the international natural reserves, the so-called Natura 2000 reserves, listed under the Ramsar Convention on the protection of important wetlands, the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive as implemented into Danish law.

Our specialists advise on the interpretation of Danish as well as EU and international nature conservation rules and on the legal impacts of the listed natural reserves for existing or new companies as well as in connection with building projects and raw material extraction.

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Complaints and legal proceedings

Accura advises clients in connection with environmental issues both before the Environmental Board of Appeal and the Danish courts.


Henrik Groos
Henrik Groos

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Mobile: +45 3078 6666

Lars Bruun
Lars Bruun

Associate Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

Mobile: +45 3078 6667

Further Details

Environmental issues and the regulation thereof have been the subject of increasing focus and have become more and more important in connection with the transfer of businesses or real estate and in connection with the day-to-day operations of a number of production companies and/or risky companies.

Environmental issues may often impose significant costs on the affected company being direct financial costs and costs resulting from damage to the company's reputation or from any impact on health. Therefore, it is quite natural that, to a higher extent, companies pay attention to any environmental issues.

The environmental area is a legal area which is not only under constant development but is also subject to EU regulation and national regulation. Accura's environmental law specialists possess both the legal expertise and the practical experience necessary to provide our clients with qualified advice within this area. We assist in both pure environmental cases and cases in which environmental law issues form part of a transaction e.g. in connection with the sale and purchase of a company or real estate.

Naturally, our advisory services always meet the highest professional standards, but, in our opinion, high professional standards alone are not enough to provide optimum advisory services. Therefore, we always prioritise a close cooperation with our clients' technical advisors, and we have an extensive network of experts in this area. In that way, both legal and technical aspects may be correctly and adequately examined.