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High Court confirms preliminary injunction in case regarding unlawful advertising for medicinal products



The Eastern Division of the High Court has today confirmed a preliminary injunction from the Maritime and Commercial Court against a press release issued by Novo Nordisk to media and stakeholders worldwide.

The Maritime and Commercial Court found that the press release, in which Novo Nordisk mentions both own medicinal products and products from the competitor Sanofi, was in fact illegal advertising for medicinal products towards the general public – and that the advertising was misleading.

Even though Novo Nordisk during the course of the case declared to the court that Novo Nordisk would not in any way use the press release again, both instances of court ruled that a preliminary injunction was appropriate and necessary in view of Novo Nordisk's behavior.

The case has international importance since the press release had been issued and e-mailed to media and stake holders around the world.

Morten Bruus represented Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH and Sanofi-Aventis Denmark A/S in both instances.


Morten Bruus
Morten Bruus

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