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Formation of DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark A/S


Accura has advised DCC plc and its Danish subsidiaries on the formation of the joint venture DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark A/S.

The joint venture was formed through Shell Aviation's acquisition of 49% of the shares in DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark A/S.

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark A/S will be the largest independent supplier of aviation fuel in Denmark, serving Denmark's busiest airports in Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg.

Kåre Stolt, Kristian Engkjær Sørensen, Nikolaj Grønvald Hansen and Laurits Schmidt Christensen provided advice to DCC plc.


Kåre Stolt
Kåre Stolt

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Mobile: +45 3078 6600

Kristian Engkjær Sørensen
Kristian Engkjær Sørensen

Associate Partner, MSc in Business Administration & Commercial Law

Phone: +45 3945 2907
Mobile: +45 3078 6607

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