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Energi Fyn acquires NGF Nature Energy



Energi Fyn has entered into a purchase agreement with NGF Nature Energy to acquire the parts of NGF Nature Energy selling natural gas to private customers and businesses.

The agreement entails that 60,000 customers who, until now, have bought their natural gas consumption from NGF Nature Energy will receive natural gas from Energi Fyn in future.

In future, NGF Nature Energy will focus only on producing and supplying biogas.

NGF Nature Energy's employees will be transferred to Energi Fyn, which is the largest energy company in Funen, Denmark, with over 200,000 customers and members.

The acquisition is subject to approval from the Danish Competition Authority.

Jacob Vinther, Morten Steensen Jacobsen and Peter Brask Tind advised Energi Fyn in connection with the acquisition.


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Jacob Vinther

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